We are specialists in bathrooms, sprayed on render to swimming pools and spas. The Company's businesses are complex repairs, upgrades of buildings and interior finishing.Our company has already established position in the market. We have been providing our services since year 2000. We are a Polish company and always focus on innovation, creativity, the latest materials and technologies.

See for yourself the quality of our services.

We will carry out our mission whilst adhering to the following principles:

Financial prudence and economics - We will only embark on projects that are profitable and adhere to an agreed payment policy. Our economic denominator is obtained through the provision of value added services to one customer as opposed to one service to many customers.

Reliable and transparent - we will do what we say and say what we mean. We will be open to scrutiny, offer free advice to customers and never claim ownership of ideas - by creating copycats of our business model all can prosper.

Challenging and visionary - we will challenge and lead the industry and environment we operate in, but only if it helps us achieve our mission.

Passionate and competitive - if we are not passionate about doing something, we will not do it. If we do not feel that we can be the best at something, we will not do it.

Networked - we will continue to search out the best suppliers and form alliances and partnerships as we grow.